Frequently Asked Questions


Parcela Já created an advanced system of instalment payments that allow you to better manage your personal finances, without burdening your available funding. It allows you to proceed with any purchase, paying monthly, without any related bureaucracy or interests.
Visit one of our partner’s stores; choose the product/service you want to purchase and, when checking out, say that you wish to pay with Parcela Já. In order to do that, you just need your ID and your credit card. The purchase is validated within seconds.
To buy with Parcela Já, you must have the full amount of the purchase available on your credit card. Once the instalment plan is settled, we will hold the value as a pre-authorization of up to a maximum of 2 instalments on the credit card. Until the end of the payment, we will take the due monthly value concerning the instalment plan you have selected.
Any return/cancellation must be requested directly to the store where you have made the purchase. After receiving the request from the store, Parcela Já will unlock the value that is still pending on the credit card and the store must return the remaining value in cash or replace it with another product/service.
If you have lost your credit card or if it was stolen, you shall: 1. Contact your bank immediately requesting the cancellation of your credit card; 2. Send an email to informing that the credit card has been cancelled; 3. Parcela Já will send a document you will need to fill out with your new credit card details and we will add it to your instalment plan.
Parcela Já will always charge your instalment monthly fee on the same day of the purchase. For example, if you make a purchase on the 15th, the remaining instalments will be charged on the 15th of each month.
Parcela Já service is completely free for customers. No interests or added values will be charged. Only Travel Agencies will be charged a fee when opening a customer’s file.
Parcela Já accepts any VISA or MASTERCARD credit card issued in Portugal. The credit cards must be personal, no business/company cards will be accepted.


The credit card must be associated to a purchase that has been already cancelled. The merchant must contact Parcela Já and inform that the customer wishes to cancel the purchase. After that, Parcela Já will inform the merchant of the next steps. Sometimes, refunds cannot be made directly to the customer's credit card and a bank transfer will have to be made.
For any cancelation/refund, the merchant must contact Parcela Já directly via phone or email. Once the contact has been made, the cancelation process will be initiated. Refunds to credit cards have a short time limit after the capture of the first instalment, and this option will only be possible within this limited period of time.